Wednesday, August 2, 2017

backyard pool

We have a super dinky pool that we haven't used since 2014. I seriously doubted it would entertain the kids for long. But I obviously overestimate their entertainment needs. I filled it up on a particularly hot day and they played in the backyard for three hours. Three hours!! Even Emry got to enjoy some frigid hose water before her nap. And she wasn't too sad about it. :)

I sent Brennan a picture or two that afternoon and said something about how some days my job feels hard and lonely but some days (or moments, rather) it's pretty obvious that I have the better job by far.

I mean, this picture! I just love it.

What a shooting stance.

Is that a hug or a strangle?

1 comment:

  1. I'm sooooo behind! There are a few rare days and moments like this one when you wish your kids would just stay little forever! I have those. 😁But on a different note, your backyard looks amazing! Where did you get your porch swing? We are on the hunt for one but I've totally ruined myself by reading too many reviews. ☹️