Friday, July 20, 2012

7 months

Tatum is 7 months old today! Where does time go? Seriously, it is crazy how old she is getting.  I don't have any stats since it's not an appointment month, but trust me, she's bigger. :) But here are the facts I do have about Tatum at 7 months:

-Still no teeth.
-Wants to crawl but can't quite figure it out.  She gets on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth, but then she will just lay down and do an army crawl. She can get around though.
-Pulls herself up on things. Usually just to her knees but she has pulled herself onto her feet once or twice.
-Sometimes she loves solids, sometimes she wants nothing to do with them. Depends on the day.
-We are still rocking her to sleep, unless it takes longer than 5 minutes.  Then she has to cry it out. (If anyone out there has any advice for a wussy mom who has a hard time committing to letting her cry it out, let me know!)
-She is getting better at sleeping again.  Just wakes up once or twice.
-Loves to attack my face.  It is seriously the weirdest thing. We need to capture it on camera so I can show you.  Strange.
-Loves to play in front of the sliding glass door so she can look outside.
-Loves her bath.
-Hates getting dressed.
-If you don't change her poopy diapers IMMEDIATELY, the mess gets squeezed right up her back. Pretty awesome.
-She rode in a shopping cart, sitting up in the little kid seat, for the first time yesterday. She thought she was pretty cool.
-She loves to be outside.
-She seems to be pretty indifferent about going for bike rides. I was hoping the speed would make her giggle or something.
-She has a little bit of stranger danger. Sometimes it's better if I stay in sight, but other times that just makes it so much worse.
-Recently Tatum has figured out how to pull down on her crib bumper and look through the railing toward the door. It always makes me laugh when I come in to get her and she is staring out at me.
-She is obsessed with power cords. If I leave the room for 5 seconds, she will find the computer cord no matter what.

And now for the overload of pictures.

Practicing her crawling stance.

 Just a cute one.
 Playing by the sliding door...
 ...and she's pretty happy about it.
 Climbing on dad.
 I tried to get a picture of the crib thing, but my camera was on the wrong setting...
 ...and changing it took too long so she got real mad.
 Her 7 month birthday photos. I really do have a plan for all these white onesie pictures I take every month.  We will see if it ever happens.

 Someone was not in the mood to have her picture taken this morning.

And lastly a video that sort of shows her new army crawl.
It has been a good 7 months. :)

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  1. she is SO adorable! i love her dimples. I can't believe she is so mobile! way to go Tatum!