Monday, July 23, 2012

Saturday in Nauvoo

On Saturday we hopped in the car with my parents and headed to Nauvoo.  My parents had a shift at the temple so we took up the offer for a free ride so that we could go to the temple too.  It makes for a long day since we have to wait for their shift to get over before heading home, but it's not too bad. I am so glad they have the temple arrival center in Nauvoo so we can have a nice, comfortable, air-conditioned place to hang out in with Tatum while we wait for each other.

After Brennan and I both got done we walked around the grounds of the temple with Tatum, found some shade and snapped some pictures of course. (We also did a lot of reminiscing about photos taken there 3 years ago after our wedding. It was fun to remember.)

This one makes me laugh.
A very squinty attempt at a family photo.
We went down to the Mississippi thinking we might put Tatum's feet in the water. Unfortunately it was a swampy, muddy mess so we just took a picture and called it good. :)

Next we headed to the park to do some swinging.  With the first big swing we always get a big smile out of Tatum. I tried to catch it on camera but I think I mostly missed it.
The real swings right by the baby swing were amazingly low to the ground. Brennan braved them and only smacked his feet on the ground once, sending his sandals flying. I'm not really sure why they are so low. I guess they must be for little kids?  Even so, it would be a pain to push your little toddler in a swing that low to the ground so I'm not sure I understand.  
Tatum kept her boxer stance the whole time she was swinging.


 We did a pretty good job of finding things to do.  Besides the park, the river, and the temple, we also went to a few shops and we hung out in the shade for a bit while Tatum took a nap.  But I always start to get antsy for about the last hour we have to wait.  And I always hold onto a hope that they will get done early.  So we parked ourselves in front of the temple for the last hour, just waiting.  Brennan took a picture for a family from Chicago, but the dad was from England and the mom was from Austria.  We talked to them for a bit and I walked away from that conversation lamenting the fact that I don't get to hear those sweet accents all the time.  Why can't I sound that cool?! Then we continued to wait. I watched Tatum attack Brennan.  And I enjoyed every minute of it. haha.

 My parents did finally come out, just not early, which was fine. And we headed home.  The drive back was nice, Tatum was great and there was lots of good conversation to be had.  It was a long, hot, sticky day but well worth it. Being in and even around the temple felt great.

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