Tuesday, July 17, 2012

rafting pictures

You know how I said we went rafting in Idaho? I finally got the pictures to prove it.

Tatum in her sweet flotation....thing. Pretty cute, I'd say.
The kid raft. and yes that included Rich, Nathan and Caleb. :)

Rich decided to jump in the water and then it became a game of who would cave to the peer pressure and the chant of their name.  Brennan and Ben ended up jumping in too.  As well as lots of the kids.  All of the Cardon men (dad, Caleb, Nathan) were too wussy for it.

I just like this picture because I think the water looks cool.
We stopped on a little island of sorts for awhile. 

And here is the waterfall we were supposed to play in but our raft failed to make it.
That's it. :) Just wanted to share the pictures.

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  1. Hard core! I've never really been rafting (not for reals) and Tatum already has me beat and she's a baby! I love her outfit. And I probably would have been one of the wusses to stay in the raft. Depends on how cold the water is.