Friday, July 13, 2012

the rest of our trip

And our trip continues....

Wednesday was the 4th of July and we headed over to Brennan's grandparent's house to celebrate with his grandparents, his dad and step mom, siblings, and some cousins and aunts. It was a beautiful afternoon and his grandma and grandpa have an awesome yard. It was a fun day spent visiting outside. We even got a few family pictures taken.

(I stole these first few pictures from facebook, so I'm sure the quality isn't great.)

Brennan with his siblings. (Quinton, Jentri, Callan, Brennan, Dustin)

Plus wives and kids.
Plus his dad and Jennifer and his step sisters, Abbey and Kellie.
Tatum hanging out with Kellie.
 Waiting for the FOOD!
 Ada showing off her chocolate-y face. :)
We took off before the fireworks since we figured Tatum probably wouldn't appreciate an up close show.  We headed back to Nathan's empty house and my parents ended up being there and you could see lots of the valley's fireworks from a park near his house. So we left Tatum with them and went to the park to enjoy a few shows.
Brennan was disappointed that we didn't see fireworks up close. And then I went to a church activity last night so we couldn't go to the Heritage Days fireworks either.  Poor guy.  I promised him Cornell's homecoming fireworks this fall...we'll see if I can manage to keep that promise. :)

On Thursday Brennan went to see the new Spiderman movie with Quinton and his dad and I headed to Salt Lake to spend some time with Caleb and his boys.  Then I met up with Brennan and his family at the bowling alley after dinner.  From there we headed to the Purple Turtle for some shakes.  Luckily enough my cousin, Alex, was able to meet us there.  We had been able to visit a little at grandpa's funeral but we were hoping to see him again before we left and this just worked out.

Tatum let him hold her even with that scary beard.
Friday we headed to Lagoon (Adventurland's equivalent for my Iowa readers) with Brennan's family.  We decided that everyone would have a better day if we didn't bring Tatum and my parents were kind enough to volunteer to keep her for the day. (The report is that she was a perfect angel.  Too bad she can't be that way at home for me. :))  Lagoon was a blast, thanks for taking us Rex and Jennifer!

The whole group at the end of the day. Minus Jentri, who had to leave early for work. And Jennifer's parents who had already left.
Saturday was our last day in Utah.  We finally got to see Brennan's mom and step dad who had been out of town.  We went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory-yum! (By the way, their chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake is amazing!) And then we went and checked out the new mall in downtown Salt Lake, City Creek. It was pretty neat.

Here is Melanie putting Tatum's toes in the fountain.
Then we headed to the cute little bookstore that Jentri works at.  Then they had to head home to watch the fights that Lester was kind enough to miss seeing live to come home early to see us. Thanks Lester!

We had dinner with Caleb's family and we all went swimming that night.  It was fun to see Gavin and Henry interact with Tatum. Usually we are together will all of the cousins so they are too busy playing. But when it was just Tatum they loved playing with her and showing off all their tricks.

Henry and Tatum.
Brennan, Henry, Wyatt                                                                                               Henry, Tatum, Wyatt

Papa and Tatum in the pool.

We left at 4 am the next day (Sunday) and got home around 12:30 am on Monday. Whew. What a trip.  It was a blast.  We got to see so many people that we care about, do lots of fun things, and we were sure to burn the candle at both ends.  I'm not sure if we have quite recovered yet, but we are getting there.

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