Tuesday, July 24, 2012


My house is still a long ways from what I'd like it to eventually be, but I have been trying to make some decorating improvements.  After vacation I finally got around to finishing a craft of Tatum's name I had started a couple of months ago.  I got the inspiration for how to decorate the letters from my friend Jessica's crafting blog. I painted the letters brown and then just kept putting off doing anything else to them.  But it was so quick and easy and I love the way it turned out.
For the solid dots I just used the end of a sponge paintbrush and for the open circles I used a piece of paper rolled up and taped.  It goes great in her room. I originally pictured it going on one of the blue walls but after I finished it, hanging 5 separate letters and trying to get them level and all that did not sound appealing. So for now it's on the shelf, where it fits perfectly.  Eventually I would still like to move it. I am thinking about just getting a piece of wood, putting a fancy edge on it with a router, painting it pink, put the letters on that and then hanging it as one piece. We'll see how many months it takes me to get that done. :)

The other project I finally finished was the hallway at the top of our stairs.  It as always been really blank and blah so I finally got a set of frames for it months and months ago.  Then for Mother's Day I got a wall hanging that I thought I would put with the frames. A month or more after that I finally got around to hanging the frames.  They hung empty for several weeks and then I finally got pictures printed for them.  Even such a simple project seems to take me forever. But it makes a huge difference! The whole room just feels homier.
Yay for Rachel actually accomplishing a couple of things on her to-do list!


  1. yay! it looks great! hanging things is a very hard to-do in my opinion. i didn't realize anyone ever saw that craft blog, but i'm glad you tried out the letters!

  2. Now you can come over here and help me get motivated to put up anything on the walls, since I seem to be waiting for more projects to be done before I put up anything. :-) Super cute name letters. It all looks great.