Wednesday, July 11, 2012

family reunion part 2

The reunion continued with a more laid back day on Saturday.  The day began with some quick family photos.  I haven't seen any of the whole group but here is one of all the grand kids and then a couple of our little family.

There were lots of treasure hunts, games, and crafts on Saturday. And lots of trying to rest and be lazy for the adults.  :) Rich took us up to Darby Girls Camp where he knew of a giant slide he thought the kids would enjoy.  Unfortunately there was a family there having a family reunion and even though they weren't using the slide and most of the family told us it was okay to use it for a little while, there was man who was not happy about it and made it quite uncomfortable for us. Needless to say we didn't stay long.  I didn't even get to try out the slide. :( But Brennan and Tatum did, and all of the other grand kids too, and they thought it was awesome.  On the way back down we stopped to dip our feet in the water and throw rocks in the river.  Tatum was sleeping so I stayed in the car.
Saturday night was the now-annual family auction.  Everyone is supposed to bring a homemade item to sell at the auction.  The talent in this family never ceases to amaze me.  It is always hard to decide what to spend my money on because I want it all!

The goods.
After dropping the ball last year, I managed to produce a few crocheted creatures for the auction this year. My goal was to have enough for each niece or nephew, but I only ended up with 9. Sorry Kelbie, Jade, and Jaren!

At the start of our day at Yellowstone Brennan told the kids he would give them a million bucks if they found a jackalope.  The kids were amazed and tried their best to find one. Then Saturday night, all of the siblings and spouses went out for some world famous shakes and there on the wall was a jackalope.  He had to take a picture for the kids.

My mom gave all the kids little bug catchers and sent them on a bug hunt.  Apparently my husband is one of the kids. :) He was pretty proud of his catch.
Tatum loved all the attention from her cousins. I'm certain she is bored now that it's back to just me and her at home.

Tatum started to take baths in a real bath at the reunion! In the past when we haven't had access to an infant tub it has been pure torture because she would just scream if you laid her down in the tub.  But now that she can sit up she loves it!
And let me tell you, I would just love to take Claire home with me.  She is the best little helper you could ask for! She always wanted to help give Tatum baths, and play with her and hold her.  And she would always offer to put things away for me or go find things.  I could get used to that. :)
The weather Saturday evening was beautiful and grandma, papa and the kids took full advantage of it, playing fishy fishy come into my ocean, no bears are out tonight and tag until it was dark.

Sunday morning we went to Church and then packed up and headed down to Utah so we could get to my the visitation for my grandpa's funeral that evening. As I mentioned we saw him on Wednesday afternoon when we first got into town and he passed away at 12:30 the next morning.  Certainly he will be missed and we were sad to see him go.  But I know he is with my grandma again, which is all he has wanted for the last 6 years, so it was hard to be too sad at his passing.  Most of all I am grateful for the opportunity I had to live in his house for a year a half while I was in college.  I was so blessed to be able to form a relationship with him before it was too late. He was a great man and I believe I am a better person for having known him.


  1. ha, my parents used to have a jackalope mounted head too. i thought they were real for a good portion of my childhood. i love your family pictures! Tatum is getting so big. she's so cute!

  2. OH MY are an amazing crocheter. Can you teach me?