Thursday, July 19, 2012

gross face

When we started feeding Tatum solids we thought for sure we would get some really good gross faces from her.  We were ready and waiting with our camera and our video camera in hand, only to be disappointed. She just gobbled up the peas and never acted surprised or shocked at all. Well a few weeks ago I started giving her a sippy cup with some water in it after she ate so she could practice drinking out of it. Peas? Those are fine, nothing she can't handle.  But water? According to Tatum that stuff's nasty! Just kidding, she has gotten used to it now and is more than happy to drink some.  (Although North Liberty water is pretty nasty, so I can't say that I blamed her for not liking it.) But I did manage to get a few shots of her "gross face".  It was funny because she would make that face and then want more, over and over.

Looking all grown up in her high chair, holding her own cup.
 What are you giving me mom?!
Gotta love the fun faces and reactions of babies. Keeps life entertaining. :)


  1. i'm commenting on the last few posts i'm now catching up on. Tatum's fat sleeping cheeks are SO adorable! They make me want to squeeze them and talk incoherent baby talk. Rafting looks like so much fun. Maybe tatum is twisting her toungue around to feel a new tooth?! And I'm so impressed that you are having her try a sippie cup. I have to admit that I read your blog, and a lot of the time I think "oh wow, Tatum's doing that? Maybe I should see if Joelle can do it." next stop-sippie cups!

  2. That is pretty hilarious. Though great that she is actually getting enough of a drink out of the cup to know that she doesn't like it very much.