Thursday, July 12, 2012


On the Tuesday after the reunion we hung out with everyone in my family before Nathan and Stacy and their kids headed to another reunion and before Mara and Jade headed home to Arizona.  It was plenty hot so we decided to check out the Lindon pool for the afternoon.  This was Tatum's first pool experience.  She seemed to enjoy it. She certainly never complained as long as she was in the water.  They kicked everyone out of the pool for a few minutes for a safety check and she got grumpy so I put her in her car seat and she fell right asleep.  It was a nice pool and it was fun to play with all the kids and see all of Jade's sweet swimming skills.

All decked out and ready to go in her super cute swimsuit.
I think she was starting to get sleepy...

Jaren cheesing for the camera.

Tatum was a little worried about the waterfall.
 Utah is having a lot of wildfires this year and one started the day we were at the pool.  We didn't see anything before we left and then while we were at the pool we noticed this big plume of smoke.
Jaren and Jade enjoyed watching curious George together and copying each other.

Tatum with Mia, looking happy.
 Tatum with Claire, looking slightly drugged.

I have to share my favorite story from our day at the pool.  Brennan and I were doing the lazy river with a bunch of the kids and Gavin (7) "dunked" Brennan.  But then Brennan just stayed under sort of doing the dead man's float for quite awhile.  This clearly freaked Gavin out and he shouts "he's drowning!" and then hooks his arm around Brennan's neck and pulls his head above water.  Then with relief he continues playing along the lazy river.  It was the funniest and cutest thing.  I still laugh every time I think about how serious he was when he shouted "he's drowning!".  Kids are the best.

It was a fun extra couple of days spent with the family.

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